7 Passive Side Hustles For Beginners




The YouTuber Jake Tilk teaches people how to make money through hustles and entrepreneurship. Jake is a Digital Marketing Manager for multiple companies as well as social media influencer.


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7 Passive Side Hustles For Beginners

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The idea of passive income is a dream. You wake up richer than you were when you went to bed. Everyone is always preaching about making passive income and today, we’re going to teach you how you can create massive passive income streams as a beginner from absolutely anywhere. These passive income side hustle ideas are just a start, but the coolest thing is, many of these required no additional funds to get started.

Make A Course

I touched on this in the college side hustle article, but taking a course can be a fantastic way to make some passive income. The great thing about courses is that all the work is up front, meaning once the course is made and published, you can sell it as many times as you want with almost no work involved at all. 

Now, in terms of actually making a course, you need to possess some sort of knowledge that someone would want to buy, and you need to decide how to format your course. In terms of the knowledge, it can be literally anything, as long as there is some sort of value that you can provide that people would be willing to pay for. I’ve seen courses as broad as Instagram growth, and courses as niche as scaling a power washing business. In terms of format, you can do a video course on a website like Skillshare, or a PDF course. You could also create free courses like Jake Tilk does on YouTube and generate passive income through affiliate links and Google Adsense. If something like that interests you, check out this completely free course on affiliate marketing here.

Affiliate Marketing

For those of you that haven’t heard of affiliate marketing, basically, you provide the link to purchase a product to someone, and if they end up purchasing that product, you get a cut of the sale. This cut can be a pretty penny, or just a few pennies and anything in between. It is highly dependent on the product and referral program. 

The key to affiliate marketing is having an audience to provide your link to. Obviously, not everyone who clicks your link will make a purchase, so you want as many clicks on your link as possible. Your audience can be from nearly anywhere. From a blog to YouTube subscribers, any audience will do. Some websites you can start affiliate marketing on are Yazing, Amazon Affiliates, and Clickbank. 

Content Creation

Now I know I mentioned content creation when talking about affiliate marketing, but there are tons of ways to make a nice passive income with content creation. On platforms like YouTube, Adsense is a huge money maker. Not only do you get the views of your video initially releasing, but the catalogue of videos already on YouTube will still generate you ad revenue, meaning you might continue to get checks from YouTube even without uploading!

On top of that, many content creators can make passive income from merch sales and other business adventures they can go into. This is one that I highly recommend, as it requires no startup capital, and can be extremely, extremely rewarding passively. 

Create An Investment Portfolio

Lower risk investments can be a great way to create some passive income. With a decently small amount of money, you can create a portfolio that can generate some great returns! This can be in either crypto or stocks. There are a few different ways you can take this route such as dividend investing or a few others. With this, it is incredibly important that you do your own research into what stocks and crypto you want to put your money into, and this is NOT financial advice. 

Create a Mobile App

If you’re a coding whiz, this is definitely a hustle to look into. Similar to making a course, the work is mostly upfront (except for updates). Lots of mobile apps now are marketed through TikTok ads, and I even remember one guy on TikTok making a series out of creating his mobile app to generate hype. There are pretty much endless ways to market your apps. Once you finish coding the app and publishing it to the app store, you have a stream of passive income. 

Print On Demand

If you’ve got a knack for art, or any artistic ability, this is definitely the passive hustle for you. Even if you don’t, this can be a great source of beginner passive income. But first, let me explain what Print on Demand is for people who aren’t aware. Basically, you provide the design for the item, and the print on demand company puts the design on the item and ships it to the customer. The process to get started is super simple: design your art (or if you aren’t a great artist, pay someone on Fiverr to create a nice design), upload your art to your store, and start sharing that link. If you want to take it a step further, you can even create a shopify store to make your website look more professional. 

There are a ton of different sites you can upload your artwork onto, but here are a few that I don’t see people recommending a ton: Displate (50% artist commission, and prices are pretty high since it’s printed on metal), Printful (shipping is fast and relatively cheap), and Redbubble (generally more expensive products, but offer stickers, etc).  

Stock Photography

Have you ever been on google images and came across a photo with a nice, fat Alamy watermark on it? Well, that image has been uploaded by a person like you and me, and they’re trying to generate some nice passive income with that image. If you have a nice photographic eye, this is a fantastic passive side hustle for 2022. The key to this side hustle is that you need to have an image that is niche enough to generate consistent sales, but not so niche that it won’t generate any. I actually did this a while back, and had a decent amount of photos submitted, though I failed in actually making any money. A good thing to look into with this hustle is whether or not you will retain the copyright to the photo if you plan on selling across multiple sites. There are a ton of sites out there, I’ll name a few; iStockPhoto, Alamy, and Getty Images. If you’re just working with an iPhone, Foap is a great option. 



The YouTuber Jake Tilk teaches people how to make money through hustles and entrepreneurship. Jake is a Digital Marketing Manager for multiple companies as well as social media influencer.

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