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How to grow on Instagram – Go Viral and Get 100k followers

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How to grow on Instagram – Go Viral and Get 100k followers


To start this off – I need you guys to understand one simple concept.

That is, the Instagram Algorithm.

Imagine you’re surfing; And the waves of the surf are the Instagram algorithm. When the wave is up, that’s when content on Instagram is being pushed the hardest. When the wave is down, you as the surfer are waiting for it to go back up. So the key to us going viral on Instagram is to get our Instagram account to the top of the wave and ride the wave as long as we can to achieve virality. Seems simple, right?

Now, all waves come crashing down. So when that happens, we want to get on the next wave as soon as possible. The key is, we want to grow our account to the point where it is a massive boat that the waves or in this case, Instagram algorithm can’t ignore, they’re left with no choice but to push us (this is around 3-5k followers depending on the niche).

Now, there isn’t a single distinct strategy that I’ve learned about that will guarantee virality on Instagram, so we want to take it into our own hands. Let’s assume we started a brand new account and we’re chillin here with a measly zero followers for a moment. What is the first thing you would do?

How to Grow on Instagram by optimizing your profile for success

Well, let’s take these key points to set up our profile to make sure it is optimized for success on the gram. Meaning we will want our profile to match every single one of these criteria or people won’t really want to follow us.


-Clean (No periods, numbers, or underscores)

-Searchable (Instagram is a giant search engine, make your content searchable)

-Recognizable (Doesn’t blend in with the pack)


-Clean (Describes what your content is about i.e. Dog Videos if you are posting dog videos)

-Searchable (Same as above)

-Value Expectations (Let people know what kind of ‘value’ they can expect from your page)

Profile Picture

-Clean (Why do you have blurry profile pics or tons of little words no one can read, dude?)

-Recognizable (Make it simple and iconic)

-Matches highlight cover photos (Match the cover photos with your profile picture so that your page looks FIRE)



-Match Name

-Deliver value to keep people on IG longer (You want people to spend as much time on your page as possible)


-Matches viewers expectations

-Delivers value (whether it’s entertainment or informational)

Instagram Growth and Consistency are Best Friends

Now, the next thing we need to keep in mind is the concept of consistency. And for that, 2-3 times per day is my magic number for posting. Make sure you’re posting during peak times your audience is online in your audience insights. For me, that’s 9 am EST, 11 am EST, and 12 pm EST. I’m not going to lie to you though, consistency isn’t easy. The key that made this a million times easier for me is to use Facebook Creator Studio connected with my Instagram app.

But we can be as consistent as we want, but if we aren’t posting fire content that’s going to take us to the moon, isn’t the consistency part irrelevant?

A dog riding a rocket all the way to the moon of Instagram Growth by cracking the Instagram Algorithm


So what we need to do is use our content to leverage the Instagram algorithm to take us to the top of the wave, like we talked about earlier. Some more keys for how to grow on Instagram:

For content, there are four keys to success:

  1. It’s clean and easy to understand
  2. Delivers expected value
  3. Virality component
  4. Utilizing newest features (such as Reels)

But even with good content, you still need people to see your content, so let’s talk about gathering an audience. And to gather that base audience from zero, isn’t as hard as you think. We just need to get the account to 3-5k followers like I mentioned earlier.

The three strategies I’d recommend for this are:

  1. Follow For Follow (F4F)
  2. Tag Strategy
  3. Comment Barrage Strategy (Upgraded $1.80)

Instagram Growth will come, crack the Algorithm

I talk about how to do every single one of these on my channel. There is a playlist called ‘Get 100k on Instagram Organically’ that I highly suggest you check out, just type in Jake Tilk in the YouTube search bar. It’ll help you learn everything you need to know about how to grow on Instagram.

But rest assured, 1,000 followers in your first week is easy. So we’ve used these strategies to get ourselves to 3-5k followers, so we should now be growing organically. From here, It’s easy street. We’re going to post a story letting everyone know our new post is live whenever we post one. And keep focusing on posting the most viral content out there because you know what we’ve started doing? Riding the wave that is the Instagram algorithm, and it’s getting bigger. The post keeps getting more and more likes and views, keeping people on Instagram’s platform longer until we’ve done it.

We’ve gone viral.



The YouTuber Jake Tilk teaches people how to make money through hustles and entrepreneurship. Jake is a Digital Marketing Manager for multiple companies as well as social media influencer.

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