Unique Methods For Making Money As A Teen Online




The YouTuber Jake Tilk teaches people how to make money through hustles and entrepreneurship. Jake is a Digital Marketing Manager for multiple companies as well as social media influencer.


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Unique Methods For Making Money As A Teen Online

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Are you a teenager out there trying to bring in some extra money? Maybe you need it for that first car, or maybe for a nice night out with some friends, or maybe you just want some extra spending money. No matter why you’re here, we can introduce you to some amazing ways to make some nice income as a teenager. 

Instagram Theme Pages

If you’re here from Jake Tilk’s youtube channel, you’ve definitely already heard of this side hustle. But, for the newbies, I’ll sum it up here for you: create an Instagram page in a certain niche, collect content from your audience to repost, and grow your page. There are a variety of ways to monetize, but the most common ways are straight up selling the page for cash, or doing paid advertisements or shoutouts to your audience. 

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the easier hustles on this list. This is something I have personal experience doing as a teenager. The premise is simple: someone else needs an article written about something, so they pay you to write it! If you’re nailing those ELA grades, this could be a relatively easy way to make some extra cash. You certainly won’t be swimming in cash doing this side hustle, but it’s something you can do to not only earn extra money but improve your writing skills in the process. 

A great website to get started on freelance writing is Medium. Anyone can create an account and upload content, and once you get a good following going you can join their partner program and get paid for your writing! Not only can you get paid through Medium, but it can function as an online portfolio for your writing work. Another option similar to Medium is HubPages. 

Content Creation

Content creation definitely requires the most effort on this list, however, it has the biggest rewards by far! There are a variety of different platforms you can make content on, and almost all of them have the potential for some insane rewards! I’ll break it down into 2 different categories: 

Video Creation: Video creation can be done on two main platforms: YouTube and TikTok. With both platforms, you can get paid through the platform for your videos, although YouTube tends to pay a lot more. In addition to ad revenue, on both platforms you can make some good money through sponsorships, where companies will pay you to endorse their product. Other monetization options include merchandise and affiliate links. 

Streaming: Streaming is generally done on two platforms: YouTube or Twitch. Streamers can earn money through donations and subscribers on Twitch, and Superchats and Members on YouTube. Generally speaking, you can stream almost anything on these platforms as long as it follows the Terms of Service. From video games to cooking streams, do whatever you’re interested in!

Graphic Design

If you’ve got some artistic ability, you can make a good amount of money online doing graphic design for people. There’s an infinite demand for people needing logos for their new businesses, and if you can supply a nice one, there can be some awesome rewards. Not only can you design logos, but you can design t-shirt designs, and so much more. A good place to get started with online graphic design is Fiverr, an online marketplace that connects service providers with buyers looking for those services. 

Print on demand is a great way to rake in some extra cash with a relatively low amount of work. All you need to do is supply the designs and make an online storefront on a website like TeeSpring or Printful. You can pay an artist to make the art, or you can make it yourself if you’re artistically skilled. Supply the design, make the storefront, get your product in front of some buyers’ eyes, and watch the sales roll in. 


For you computer science teens out there, this one’s for you. There are many businesses out there that need projects done that involve coding, and they’re willing to pony up for someone to do it. A great way to make money coding is through website creation. Every business needs a website, and a website is an awesome way to make a great first impression with customers. They know how much a first impression means, and because of this, if you can make a good website, get ready to get paid. I even know of a few teens in the Jake Tilk discord server who make money coding!


Blogging is hard to start up, but can pay out some fantastic cash in the end. The basic steps are: make a blog, upload some content, get your blog in front of a few eyes, and monetize. There are a few different ways you can get paid through blogs: advertisements on the blog, a subscription based blog with extra content behind a paywall, and affiliate marketing. All of these methods can make the blog owner a big bag of money. What are you waiting for? Get out there and start up that blog!

Online Jobs

Getting an online or virtual job can be a great way to supplement your income as a teenager. Options for online jobs include virtual assistants, customer service representatives, and more! As long as you’re 16 or older, you can even work as an online customer service representative for U-haul! If that isn’t your speed, virtual assistants handle tasks that have been delegated to them such as responding to emails, making phone calls, and making appointments. Lots of virtual assistants are under the age of 18, and they can make as much as $22 per hour!

Online Tutoring

If you’re a teen who is proficient in an academic skill, such as maybe a language or some math skills, online tutoring is the online hustle for you! Online tutors teach other people their skills through virtual sessions, and can make a big buck doing so! If you’re looking to get into online tutoring, try looking at a website like Enroll (if you’re 16 or older), which requires 0 experience to start up. 



The YouTuber Jake Tilk teaches people how to make money through hustles and entrepreneurship. Jake is a Digital Marketing Manager for multiple companies as well as social media influencer.

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